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When I first met Brian Platte I was overwhelmed by all the ads for Medicare advantage and supplemental insurance. My first advantage insurance (before I met Brian) I didn’t realize that Spectrum Health didn’t participate with and I ended up with a $1200. bill for a 4 day stay.

Brian for the last 3 years has researched for me what the best health coverage and prescription insurance is best for my needs.

I was overwhelmed with all the concerns and he explores everything and explains thoroughly what would be the best for my needs and my budget.

My biggest problem is that I take Premarin (estrogen) and he found me a policy with reasonable premiums and prescription costs.

Brian saves me lots of time and worries. I have been so happy and trust his expertise for the last 3 years. He goes the extra step to get you the best.

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I switched to Priority from BC/BS because I couldn't get any one from BC/BS in their Detroit office  to answer my questions.  Instead, they kept sending me standard pamphlets of information.  I was frustrated to my limit.
I drove to the local Priority office and within a few minutes was able to sit down with Brian in person and discuss my situation.  I signed-up on the spot and have been very pleased with my insurance response over the last year and have renewed my coverage.

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When we started on Medicare we talked with a number of agents. All were nice, informative and helpful. But none were as nice, informative or as helpful as Brian. We were informed and believe he gave us the opportunity to evaluate our options and choose what would be best for us. He also took the time (and had the patience) to answer our many and often repeated questions. We have been happy with our coverage and when we have had questions we know he will make himself available when we need his advice. We like to do a yearly evaluation of our coverage and to look into any changes that might be considered and Brian has taken the time to do that, even at the end of day when it was convenient for us.

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Brian Platte has (quite literally) been a god-send to us. Years ago, when we needed to buy medical insurance in conjunction with Medicare, we were so confused we could hardly walk straight. We visited our local Blue Cross office but came out just as confused as when we went in. Terms such as "Advantage Plans", Enrollment Periods", "Part A Coverage", "Part B - Something Else" were being tossed around like handfuls of confetti. It was bewildering to say the very least.  A week or so later, we made another trip to our local Blue Cross office and this time we were lucky to be in the right place at the right time - as we sat down with Brian. He was so patient with us - he actually acted as though he had nothing better to do than help us and we felt that he was sincere and completely honest with us. Sadly we no longer have a local Blue Cross office, but Brian has a telephone number and an e-mail address and so he is still there for us - that stupid "confetti" still gets tossed around way too often, but ! can always depend on him to walk us through the mess!

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It has been a good experience for me to have worked with Brian Platte during the time when I had to make several important decisions about insurance.
When I needed to pick a company for Medigap insurance, he was there with his print-outs for two different plans, showing the monthly rates and basic information about all the available companies.  Since Brian is an independent agent, he can present all the info, and narrow things down to help with the decision. 
At the same time that I was choosing Medigap coverage, I needed to choose a prescription drug plan for Medicare Part D.  Brian was there with my list of meds, and what plans worked best for my situation.  He shopped the market for me and was low pressure, answering my questions, and letting me choose what I wanted.
After starting on my prescription drug plan, I encountered one of my meds being dropped from the formulary list which means no coverage for it!  Since now is the Annual Election Period for changing plans, Brian was there with a scenario of my yearly costs if I switched to another company, and how that compared to staying with my chosen company, but switching to a different drug.  Printing out these comparisons helped to put things in perspective, making the decision easier.
Brian answers phone calls and Emails in a timely fashion.  It has been wonderful for me to have his expertise available to me whenever a question comes up.  My overall experience working with Brian has been great, helping me to feel more confident about my choices.

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Brian has been working with us on finding affordable health plans for around 5 years. Without his help and expertise we would have been lost. He keeps in contact with us most every year and offers to go over our policies. One year he even called us in Florida as he had found us more economical policies, He e-mailed all the info to us and took care of the rest. He is always available to help and returns our calls in timely manner. We have and would recommend Brian to our friends. Brian is easy to work with and I feel a very honest person who would never give us wrong information. He is an outgoing person and interested in us and our needs.

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Brian has been our health insurance agent for the past three years. What we like about his service is he gives us options on insurance plans and helps us see the differences. We did not get this type of service with previous agents. He has returned our phone calls with answers to our questions promptly and we feel we can depend on him. We enjoy doing business with him.

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Brian really knows his business. My wife Ellen is on 13 medications so needless to say our prescription coverage as well as our Medicare supplemental health insurance plans are very important to our financial survival. The job of researching and comparing all the different insurance plans on our own would be totally overwhelming, and staying on top of all the changes would be impossible with out Brian's help. Over the past seven years Brian has saved us hundreds of dollars in out of pocket co pays for our Doctor visits and prescription cost. We are very comfortable relying on Brian to keep us in the right programs that meet our needs, it is a great comfort knowing that Brian is watching out for us.

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Brian has been helping me just this past year when I retired from GFS. He has been very knowledgeable in plan opitons which has provided the answers I needed to select a program for my healthcare needs. I would recommend Brian to any one looking to have guidance in their healthcare insurance coverage decisions.

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